#Pianodrome Live (5 stars)

This article is from 2019

#Pianodrome Live

credit: Paul Bock

Unique and magical hour at the Fringe courtesy of house band S!nk

Of everything that's labelled unique at the Fringe, it is surely only the Pianodrome that can truly lay claim to that particular mark of distinction. Nowhere else in the world, apart from Edinburgh, is there an amphitheatre made of 50 old pianos.

The vision of Renaissance men Tim Vincent-Smith and Matt Wright, the Pianodrome, now in its second year, plays host to all sorts of events over the course of the Festival. Everything from serious contemporary chamber music to traditional culture of refugees and asylum seekers can be experienced in the intimate 100-seater Pianodrome, with house band, S!nk, providing an enchanting thread of continuity linking it all together.

Also led by Vincent-Smith (violin and voice) and Wright (saxophones) their hour-long set is something of a magical journey that enters a world of surprise and delight, including some very touching, tender human moments. With the addition of accordion, drums and double-bass, this is a quintet that – apart from being all male – is impossible to categorise. They play music, but they also dance, improvise, sing and generally entertain with sounds that are often conversational between instruments, sometimes plaintive and reflective, or perhaps ignited by a spark from the Middle East to the Meadows.

Reviewed on Sat 24 August. Pianodrome at The Pitt, until 25 Aug, 7pm.

#Pianodrome Live

  • 5 stars

Pianodrome, Sink and special guests Wild and wonderful #Pianodrome house band S!nk bring you to life with a full spectrum of new music and movement in their traveling 100-seat amphitheatre made entirely from upcycled pianos. With different guest acts each night and a specially designed light show, spend an evening at the…