Lucy Farrett: Lois (2 stars)

This article is from 2019

Lucy Farrett: Lois

Patchy character affair that still shows potential for future glories

There's a strong energy and fearless quality about Lucy Farrett, but her character narrative comedy might only flourish with more solid stories at their foundation. At the base of this one is the fact (possibly true, we have no reason to doubt it) that Farrett's mum wanted to call her Lois, but her dad was having none of that, and so Lucy it was to be. But what would have life been like had she gone into the world with the name of a superhero's love interest (and more recently, an animated slob's wife)?

Through the main character of an action hero (well, why not?) we learn that Lois was teased by her teacher for having an 'old lady name'. But now that she has guns, shades and plenty of attitude, Farrett sees no reason to apologise for being a 'badass'. She might be too weak and feeble to perform a trapeze act, but Farrett can still chew her way through a paper croissant.

There is the inevitable audience participation where we get involved by waving a print-out of a fish each time it's mentioned, while one poor man has to quickly draw Lucy / Lois. Her appreciation of his efforts is limited and she lets us in on some previous sketches during the run which places him somewhere in the middle. The message of the show is something about not changing yourself for others, which Farrett admits she has plundered from Grease, but some alterations in approach might be required for her to produce a more successful Fringe affair along the lines of her LadyFace from 2017.

Underbelly Cowgate, until 25 Aug, 5pm, £11 (£10).

Lucy Farrett: Lois

  • 2 stars

Lucy Farrett Lois: your new favourite action hero. She fights the man, steals from the rich and eats yummy punks for breakfast. She'll avenge the death of your mother, your brother, even your good-for-nothin' goldfish, Margaret. Join acclaimed kook Lucy Farrett for a preview of her blockbuster action-hero character…