Rhys Nicholson: Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Rhys Nicholson: Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations

credit: Monica Pronk

A comedian on fire with cutting barbs and sarcasm by the yard

A decidedly slick and wonderfully catty performer, Rhys Nicholson has a full house pretty much at his mercy from the off. This accomplished Australian is another comic about to plunge reluctantly into their fourth decade, and with that landmark looming he has just about come to the realisation that backpacking might not be the thing for him to try for the very first time at this age. The fashion side of it might not be for him, given how louche and comfortable he looks in his 'Southern lawyer' garb.

The pleasure of Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations comes as much from Nicholson's rhythm and style as from the content of his material (which is also good, however). Wielding a plethora of sideways comments means that his sentences are often stretched far beyond their natural lifespan, each extra beat adding another quip, usually of something sarcastic or cutting.

Despite stumbling towards his 30s, Rhys Nicholson is projecting much further ahead and insists that he can hardly wait until he's reached 60, when it's likely that he won't have to care so much and can just let rip or kick back. For comedy fans, it's not difficult to imagine him casting out wicked barbs to all and sundry well into his dotage.

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 25 Aug, 8.40pm, £12.50 (£11.50).

Rhys Nicholson – Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations

  • 3 stars

Underbelly in association with Casarotto Ramsey Management Rhys Nicholson is a nice man who is doing his best. 'Most comedians would kill to hear the almost unending screams of laughter Nicholson manages to extract from a crowd' ★★★★ (Time Out). 'He grabs the gig by scruff of the neck and comics the life out of it' ★★★★…