Andrew Maxwell: All Talk (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Andrew Maxwell:

credit: Michael Wharley

Mining the weirdness of people for another thoughtful hour

Andrew Maxwell can barely credit the fact that he's been coming to the Edinburgh Fringe for over 20 years now. Observing his still boyish looks, cheeky demeanour and boundless enthusiasm for his craft and the sheer joy he takes in performing before an audience, it's clear that the festival and this Irish comic have been an ideal fit. Over that period, though, life has certainly changed for him; he now has a grown-up son with a terrible moustache, and has moved his family out to the wilds of Kent, a pebble-beached Leave hotbed with which rubs up against his more community-led sensibilities.

Maxwell preaches a strong love-thy-neighbour sentiment in All Talk with an intelligent if almost gag-free section on the ludicrousness of transphobia, while his array of regional voices are once more put to solid use: an extended routine about the Leeds accent might test the patience of some, as it builds inexorably to a manic conclusion.

Despite the ills of Brexit, Maxwell insists that the weirdness of nations and the idiosyncrasies of their people will remain no matter what the political and economic make-up of a continent or the globe looks like. That weirdness has been a core subject which Maxwell has mined for laughs across three decades now, and he plays on it for full effect in another thoughtful and excellent Fringe hour.

Underbelly George Square, until 25 Aug, 7.40pm, £13.50–£15 (£12.50–£14).

Andrew Maxwell: All Talk

  • 4 stars

Brett Vincent for Get Comedy in association with Intertalent Group A memorable cocktail of personal stories, astute political observations and the odd surprise foray into character cameos. Andrew is known for his eagle-eyed, passionate, current-affairs comedy, showcased in his many appearances on BBC Radio 4 (News Quiz…