Jesus L'Oreal – Still Nailing It! (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Jesus L'Oreal – Still Nailing It!

Well done cheesy, camp entertainment from Chris Wilson's divine character

Come for the heavenly haircare tips, stay for the relentless puns. Chris Wilson's divine character Jesus L'Oreal is back with another fabulous hour of aerobics and evangelism. Jesus sweeps flamboyantly into the room, smizing brightly and fondly greeting a few empty chairs at the back. Flicking his shiny brown hair around and flashing the heeled plastic sandals beneath his robes, he begins with a Madonna medley where 'Borderline' is a useful way to give us some backstory about Palestine, then he slides into some of his interactive Pontius Pilates workouts.

The double entendres and plays on words don't quit and Jesus uses his dyslexia (or 'dylsexia') to drop in some accidental filth during his sermon.

'Don't you just love an extended disco dance break for no reason?', he beams, while gliding through one of many energetic dance numbers. (When choreographer Wilson is not touring Jesus around the Vienna Boylesque Festival or Alan Cumming's Club Cumming, he also works as a dance therapist for older people with dementia.) Jesus' talented sidekick Mary Magdalene is not allowed to speak but she does get to accompany him in the dance bits (Jesus is careful not to let her steal too much of his limelight) and she puts on wigs for scenes with Bible stars Noah, Moses and Joseph. Well done cheesy, camp entertainment.

Voodoo Rooms, until 25 Aug, 9.10pm, £10–£12.

Jesus L'Oreal – Still Nailing It!

  • 4 stars

Halleberrylujah! Nobody makes a comeback like Jesus L’Oreal. Having spread the gospel in the award-nominated Christ on a Bike, calorie-burning Cross Fit and rapturous Nailed It, our sassy, dyslexic King of the Shoes descends once again!