Arnab Chanda: Boy From Earth (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Arnab Chanda: Boy From Earth

Stories from a stunted life with gags about famous folk are a hit

Arnab Chanda has had a few stop-starts in his comedy career but now in his late 30s, he might be ready to commit himself fully to his stand-up. He does seem to have had a lot to come to terms with throughout his adult life. Having been the proud owner of a thick head of his hair for most of his life, suddenly he noticed it was beginning to fall out and he was soon diagnosed with a rare disorder called alopecia universalis. He now wears a cap on stage (though not on his poster) while he has also had his issues with being a short man, believing that more height proffers unfair advantages in comedy.

Perhaps he gets his more negative tendencies from his mum, who he describes lovingly but also suggests that she would give any Jewish mother a run for their neurotic money. Asides from the autobiographical details, there are quips about the two footballing Ronaldos who both gained world fame (that's where the similarities end), and the way Michael Jackson is being considered now.

But soon he's back discussing what's happening in his own bubble, recalling a racist remark he had to deal with on a date, and how he is a bad Buddhist (he's not great with meditating and doesn't believe in an afterlife). Arnab Chanda is very enjoyable company on stage, and after this, his first full Fringe run, there's a good chance that he can rise back through the ranks once again.

Voodoo Rooms, until 25 Aug, 7.40pm, donations at the venue.

Arnab Chanda: Boy From Earth

  • 3 stars

The debut stand-up hour from Arnab Chanda (Russell Howard's Good News, BBC’s Pls Like, 2018 Writers Guild Nominee), who was born in Yorkshire, but grew up abroad, but lives in London, but who cares.