Michael Legge: The Idiot (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Michael Legge: The Idiot

Linda Blacker

A caustic, sarcastic and venomous hour with this wrath-filled comic

Handed the 'feelgood slot' of noon at The Stand for his Fringe run, Michael Legge is in no mood for keeping his opinions to himself. He faux-mocks (we think) the venue for this apparent act of cultural sabotage before landing on more predictable recipients of his rage: the silent disco shimmying and bellowing its way across Edinburgh this month, and the acts who think they can simply pick up a ukulele and immediately be comedy geniuses. Soft targets there you might think, but the harsh retribution Legge has in mind for them takes matters to unlikely extremes.

He is not a man for the safe middle ground and his bellicose approach to the material frequently has the audience gasping for air as he tears into one victim of his wrath after another. Legge predicts the full-blown return of the IRA (and their Christmas specials) should Brexit have its wicked way with the Irish backstop, and pillories Jacob Rees-Mogg and Tommy Robinson (he neatly merges the latter with another hate figure of the liberal-left by musing on the former EDL leader's real name).

But most of all, he wants to know why we can't all have the spirit of Iggy Pop within us. He's come armed with a checklist of all the reasons why he's inextricably linked with the bare-chested ageing punk. As ever with Michael Legge, it's a ludicrous scenario but played with a breathless attention to detail and a relentless mining for the best joke available. It's something that he finds more often than not in this caustically funny hour.

The Stand, until 26 Aug, noon, £12 (£10).

Michael Legge: The Idiot

  • 4 stars

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