Nick Doody: I Will Milk You (2 stars)

This article is from 2019

Nick Doody: I Will Milk You

A disjointed set from a talented performer that dips occasionally into the overly familiar

Nick Doody spends the first sixth of his show explaining what its title means. The meandering explanation is a strange way to start a stand-up hour, and the punchline isn't worth it for the time we've spent getting there. His sidesteps into a story about ultrasounds is much funnier, offering a glimpse of what this experienced comic is more than capable of.

Doody is an animated and enthusiastic performer, despite a somewhat lacklustre crowd, who are sprawled around the room in this hard-to-find venue. He's been reading a book about small talk, and this titbit offers a framework for the next section. As instructed by the book, he reveals embarrassing anecdotes about himself which all get laughs from the audience, and it feels like we're back on even ground.

But then Doody abandons the small-talk construct, and moves to his keyboard for a thinly veiled political song about space worms. The remainder of I Will Milk You focuses on Trump, May and Johnson and whilst some of his observations here are fresh (notably a quip about the US president and D-Day veterans), much of it feels rather hackneyed. Doody manages to shoehorn in another song before the end, closing a disjointed hour. That the show is so muddled is frustrating, as there are hints of real humour and talent throughout.

Liquid Room Annexe, until 24 Aug, 9.15pm, donations at the venue.

Nick Doody: I Will Milk You

  • 2 stars

Nick Doody / PBH's Free Fringe From 2018 audience reviews: 'He milked me. Why was there no warning?', 'A warning would've been nice', 'Why weren't we warned about the milking?' Message received, people. This show is literally called I Will Milk You. Happy now? These five-letter words about me in the press are too obscene…