Francesco De Carlo: Winning Hearts and Minds (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Francesco De Carlo: Winning Hearts and Minds

credit: Karla Gowlett

A passionate hour of stand-up about family, language and niche tastes

Comedians who have a parent with opposing political views to them have cropped up on a couple of occasions this Fringe, and Francesco De Carlo's latest hour focuses on his relationship with a very conservative, Catholic father. When his brother comes out as gay, De Carlo presumes that all hell will erupt but the story (like the one with Janine Harouni's Trump-voting dad) finally heads off into surprising territory.

Italian De Carlo has been performing in his second language of English for a number of years now, and his apologies for having a thick accent are not required; there are some native comedians on these shores who could take a tip or two from him about clarity. He takes great pleasure in elongating the pronunciation of some English words ('pillock' is one particular favourite), while quickly assuring any doubters that he is not a character comedian: this is how he speaks.

De Carlo is in no rush to have a family as he isn't a huge fan of children, while on the other end of the life spectrum he used to be a big fan of granny porn. A thoroughly amiable stand-up, Francesco De Carlo is achieving the aims of his show title with work that is both passionate and compassionate.

Underbelly George Square, until 26 Aug, 5.20pm, £10–£12 (£9–£11).

Francesco De Carlo: Winning Hearts and Minds

  • 3 stars

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