Naz Osmanoglu: Scandinaveland (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Naz Osmanoglu: Scandinaveland

credit: Chris Pugh

From the land of brutal true crime drama comes a classic Scandi cop

There may be an unusually high abundance of Scandinavian comics in town this month, but it's up for debate whether you'll have more fun with them than this spoof creation from Naz Osmanoglu. There are stand-ups from Iceland, Denmark and Sweden at the Fringe, but detective Lars Johansson hails from the that little-known nation of Scandinaveland. The archetypal Nordic cop, he has been created by Osmanoglu to help capitalise on our current fascination with the true crime genre (there are just as many comedy shows here about true crime as there are by Scandis it seems).

Osmanoglu (you might remember him from acclaimed sketch team WitTank) dips in and out of Johannson to also play an irritating New York podcaster, a farmer called Nils, and a sleazy politician who is heavily implicated in the murder of one Vera Lund. Often he will drop the act entirely to be himself, commenting on how well things are going, wondering who among the crowd is getting all the jokes, and quipping that his overblown rendition of a Scandi man might be bordering on racist. Osmanoglu certainly has a lot of fun with the accent, exaggerating and elongating his pronunciation of certain words. A thoroughly enjoyable hour that might make you want to be reacquainted with some of Nordic noir's finest.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, until 25 Aug, 4.50pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Naz Osmanoglu – Scandinaveland

  • 3 stars

Naz Osmanoglu Every case in Sweden is a cold case… Stand-up/sketch tycoon, Naz Osmanoglu, does true-crime Nordic noir (finally). Detective Lars Johansson revisits the case he never solved: brutal murders, far-fetched twists, red herrings, actual herring and, of course, overwhelmingly polite and reasonable law enforcement…