Steff Todd: Reality Check (2 stars)

This article is from 2019

Steff Todd: Reality Check

A warm host with some lukewarm impressions that often confuse

As she openly admits herself, there's no theme to Steff Todd's debut Fringe show. Reality Check is a modest showcase to display her varying talents as an impressionist, so it's a shame that the characters she covers are so few in number and niche in nature. After some affable banter and jokes to establish that she really really enjoys a drink, Todd kicks off with Lorraine Kelly (passable) before completing a morning-TV hat-trick with Holly Willoughby (iffy) and Janet Street-Porter (an octave too high). Other impressions are much more successful, particularly X Factor Judges Cheryl Cole and Sharon Osbourne, despite the fact that neither has graced that show for years.

The light material focuses heavily on structured reality TV shows so fans of Made in Essex, Love Island and Keeping Up with the Kardashians will find plenty to like. And even someone who didn't see a single frame of this year's Love Island can still appreciate Todd's skill in imitating its various characters. However, many of her references are vanishingly esoteric. After establishing that almost no one in the room has even heard of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, she nevertheless plods on regardless, to the vague amusement of just two audience members. Reality Check isn't very funny but Todd is a warm host and some of her voices are impressive. As her skills mature, expect to see them put to much better use.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, until 25 Aug, 2pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Steff Todd: Reality Check

  • 2 stars

Avalon Management Award-winning comedian, impressionist and internet sensation Steff Todd presents her debut solo show. Hailing from Yorkshire, Steff has gained worldwide attention with her viral impressions of stars ranging from the Kardashians, Love Island, The X Factor and many more, making her one of the hottest…