Tarot (3 stars)

This article is from 2019


Late-night British circus-cabaret pinned to tarot reading

The USP of this late-night circus-cabaret show by young British company The Feathers of Daedalus is that each performance is different, its content dependent upon the flirtatious emcee Tessa Blackman's tarot readings for two people plucked from the audience.

The night I attended the first chosen participant, a male in his mid-20s, was a bit of a dud. Things improved with his female successor but, the central conceit aside, what counts most in this minimally experimental entertainment is how well the cast's various skills are deployed - with an especially notable contribution from the lithe acrobat and wiry hand-balancer Imogen Huzel, and Holly Downey's sharp, strong and climactic straps routine.

Directed by Joanna Vymeris, the production features eclectic live music by the four-man band Yoshi whose eccentric lead singer and keyboard player embraces rap, blues and psychedelic jazz-rock. The costuming, meanwhile, is a mite too motley but at least it's consistent. Although there may be nothing especially radical or truly ground-breaking about this polished production, the spark of originality it demonstrates is not without merit.

Assembly Rooms Bijou, until 24 Aug, 11.10pm, £13 (£12).


  • 3 stars

Tarot readings meet circus acrobatics and musical improvisation at the Feathers of Daedalus' multi-disciplinary theatre performance.