Ray Bradshaw: Deafinitely Baby (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Ray Bradshaw: Deafinitely Baby

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Amiable hour about his impending fatherhood

What would you do if your baby was due on the last day of the Fringe? That's the situation Glaswegian comedian Ray Bradshaw finds himself in this year, and his impending fatherhood forms the basis for Deafinitely Baby.

Bradshaw is instantly likeable, as is Karen, who joins him on stage to sign along. Both of Bradshaw's parents are deaf, and wanting to make comedy as accessible as possible, he usually signs his shows himself as he speaks. This year, though, he's opted for a little help from a friend, since he's been so busy with other things, namely the fact that his wife could go into labour at any moment …

An hour with Bradshaw is like spending time with an old friend. He comes armed with an endless number of anecdotes: about his wedding in Central Park, his parents and that upbringing, preparing for becoming a dad, and the weird and wonderful things that have happened to him whilst touring around the world including an unlikely tale about the Prince of Bahrain. It's never quite laugh-out-loud funny, but Ray Bradshaw's amiable manner and confident delivery make for an entertaining show which will leave you wanting to hang out with him some more.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 26 Aug, 5.45pm, £10–£11 (£9–£10).

Ray Bradshaw: Deafinitely Baby

  • 3 stars

Gilded Balloon and Ray Bradshaw present… What would you do if your first child was due on the last day of the Edinburgh Festival? I'm doing a comedy show about it instead of reading a baby book like a responsible adult would do. Multi award-winning comedian Ray Bradshaw is returning to the Fringe after his smash-hit show…