Shit (4 stars)

This article is from 2019


Razor-sharp dialogue provides an essential alternative to middle-class feminist narratives

Greeted by a bare stage and a low concrete wall there is no escaping the rawness of Shit's theatrical storytelling. Abrasive industrial music plays as three women enter doing what they do best: cursing, laughing and shouting. This intelligently-crafted show explores sociopolitical and feminist issues from the perspective of underprivileged women Bobby (Sarah Ward), Sam (Peta Brady) and Billy (Nicci Wilks) and provides an essential alternative to the middle-class narratives more commonly portrayed on stage.

The pace of the show is rhythmic and the back-and-forth dialogue never misses a beat. The trio of women uncover the social challenges that have shaped their lives and subsequently left them, in the words of others, 'too far gone' to function 'normally' in society. Their differing natures complement and clash on stage; Bobby is brave, Sam is angry and Billy is hopeful, always fantasizing about a better life.

Recounts of their past tragedies and predictions for their unprosperous futures are uncovered with razor-sharp delivery and the intimacy of their relationship allows the gravity of situation to shine through. Subject to care systems, domestic abuse and sexual violence their experiences are similar and, though their attitudes differ, their fates entwine in this heart-breaking piece of storytelling.

Amidst the dialogue, Shit uses simply choreographed scenes to actualize its more violent, gut-wrenching moments, playing out themes of motherhood, gender identity and femininity from a jarring perspective. The hour covers a huge amount of ground and encapsulates emotional extremes with such precision that it leaves the audience shaken.

Summerhall, until 26 Aug, 4.50pm £10 (£8).


  • 4 stars

MILKE and Dee & Cornelius Shit is an award-winning compelling, raw and powerful play which examines the intersections of class and misogyny. It is provocative, tragic, heartbreaking, bracing and bitterly funny. What happens when a girl spits, or swears, or screams, or shouts, or pulls down her pants to moon someone…