Big Fat Bribe Blog: cakes, puppy pets and booze

This article is from 2019

Big Fat Bribe Blog: cakes, puppy pets and booze

The stickiest bribe yet (First Time).

In which we participate in a wedding reception, learn some alcohol-related history and eat, eat, eat

We're (finally) in the Fringe home stretch, with just one week of shows left to feast our eyes upon, and, as the kids say, the struggle is real. The innocent days of early August are long gone, as we retreat to the office, a longing look at the window and the freedom beyond it, and type away reviews upon reviews until our keyboards beg for mercy.

Luckily, we've had some performers take much needed pity on us, and treats have been in steady influx at The List HQ. First up, a quartet of talented teenagers posted us a promotional t-shirt of their music show, Ruby in the Rough. The parisian-pop rockers performed a series of original songs in preparation for their concert alongside The Cure (feel underachieving yet?) at the Forest Theatre (run ended). In the event of us finding ourselves in a situation where we don't need a shirt (or any other clothes at all), the cheeky beavers over at First Time stocked us up with two envelopes filled with condoms and lube. You should definitely go pay this autobiographical show on coming to terms with a positive HIV result a visit (Summerhall, until 25 Aug), and remember: keep it gloved, people.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: cakes, puppy pets and booze

The precious Phil (The Sensible Undresser).

In the most 'awww'-inducing moment of the month (and trust us, it takes a lot to make us break away from our Fringe haze and emote on a deep level at this time of year), the adorable Phil dropped by the office and let us cuddle him to our hearts' delight. His cute-as-everything bowtie had us forgetting for a moment that we cannot get anywhere in the city centre on time right now, and everything was well. His human partner, Elsie Diamond, can be seen at the Voodoo Rooms with her cabaret hour, The Sensible Undresser (until 25 Aug). We don't think Phil will be there, but you're definitely in store for some good music, comedy, and burlesque.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: cakes, puppy pets and booze

These are long gone by now (Confetti and Chaos).

Being an arts writer during the festival season sure is a calorie burning affair, and the good people from Confetti and Chaos kept our blood sugar at a decent level with some cake treats. We helped them along their wedding reception, but sadly didn't get a share of the delicious-looking wedding cake (our eyes were bigger than our bellies, granted). Perhaps you'll be luckier; just head along to the Imagination Workshop for some wedding shenanigans (until 26 Aug).

Still in the edible treats department, there was a box of delicious banoffee cupcakes that didn't last long enough for us to do our Instagram thing. The Love/Hate Actually gals know the way to our hearts is through diabetes-inducing food, but they also treated us to an excerpt from their Love Actually themed show (if you're thinking the card scene, then you might or might not be right). Catch them while you can at the Imagination Workshop (until 26 Aug).

Big Fat Bribe Blog: cakes, puppy pets and booze

He's probably wondering where his cakes went (Murder Ballads).

Tom Wilson from Murder Ballads also brought us cakes (we're starting to question if the 'starving artist' stereotype is that widely taken literally, but we surely won't be the ones to set the record straight), alongside a serving of music, as he had us singing along to his cover of 'Wagon Wheel'. His theatre, music and cabaret hybrid, paying tribute to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, is still going strong until 24 Aug at Greenside @ Nicolson Square.

After all this, you're maybe wondering: how did the List staff wash all this food down? Well, the Thinking Drinkers must have thought the same thing, and they took it upon themselves to bring over some liquid treats, in the form of a variety of alcoholic beverages. There was gin, whisky, rum (and possibly some spelling errors for the rest of the day) as the duo taught us about some historical connections to each drink. Get your drink on at Heroes of Hooch until 25 Aug (Underbelly Bristo Square).

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