Tom Ballard: Enough (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Tom Ballard: Enough

Motormouth goes for the jugular in heavily political show

Billed unashamedly as 'political stand-up', this might suggest that Tom Ballard is about to serve us yet another slice of Trump-Brexit pie. But fear not, for the Australian has bigger things on his mind such as capitalism, baby boomers, Uber Eats, gay saunas and getting his arse waxed. Naturally, there's a bit of Aussie politics to begin with, and we learn about ScoMo, the country's president and answer to BoJo. He engages in some front-row banter, throws in a few easy jokes and then we're off.

Soon Ballard is going full throttle in a joyous, motormouthed rant that he somehow sustains right to the end. His beef is the system that grinds us down and traps us in jobs we hate: well, 80% of us apparently. If that sounds like grim material, it's not when it's in the hands of this seasoned pro who urges us to bring on the revolution and embrace Dolly Parton and her scathing anti-capitalist hymn, '9 to 5'.

Ballard was living the dream hosting a nightly political satire on Australian TV until it was axed last year. Now he's free but not quite so well-paid, as he reminds us every now and then by rattling his donations bucket.

Monkey Barrel, until 25 Aug (not 13), 9pm, £7–£10 (£6–£9) in advance or donations at the venue.

Tom Ballard: Enough

  • 4 stars

Fight in the Dog Best Show Nominee, Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2016. Best Show Winner, Sydney Comedy Festival 2017. Top 3 Best Reviewed Comedy Shows, Edinburgh Fringe 2017. As heard on The Bugle. Tom spent 2018 hosting his own late-night satirical TV show, Tonightly with Tom Ballard, and watching the neo-liberal order…