Ross Smith: Crying/Shame (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Ross Smith: Crying / Shame

Matt Crockett

An emotionally stunted man with gags to die for

Ross Smith has a problem with letting it all out. Tears don't come easily to him; indeed he's unable to recall the last time he cried. Even when a core member of his family is close to death, the only dry eye in the house belongs to him. Down the other end, he has a 'shy bladder' which leads him to race for an unpopulated cubicle whenever nature calls on a night out. A row of urinals can then become the backdrop to a battle of wills that he knows he will never win.

After a debut show last year about him taking a leap into the unknown (replacing another Ross Smith on a lads' holiday abroad), he's not sure that many people are especially inclined to exit their comfort zone. Indeed, he was quite content to avoid doing the Fringe this year and stick to an easy life.

That he did return will hopefully reap some benefits down the line. Ross Smith is a terrific joke-writer and amiable company for an hour. Whether he is able to crank it up a notch, get out of his own comfort zone and reach for the next level is up for conjecture.

Just the Tonic at The Tron, until 25 Aug (not 12), 1pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Ross Smith: Crying/Shame

  • 3 stars

Ross Smith Boys don’t cry – but should they? Ross Smith can’t remember the last time he did and is unsure if he still can. In Crying/Shame, Smith asks why it’s good to cry, for emotional well-being and comedy awards. And why he is nowhere near reaching either. Hopefully it will all end in tears. Crying/Shame is the…