The Slinks (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

The Slinks

A playful, plotless pink stew of unfulfilled dreams

'This is the year I will be discovered; this is where the world will recognise my talent.' So goes the internal monologue of many a Fringe performer. For Lily Ashley and Hugo Hamlet, the tiresome, cyclical pursuit of fame will never squander their dreams of success and adoration.

Dressed like 1950s starlets, Ashley and Hamlet perform funk-influenced indie numbers with sexy, Javis Cocker-style vocals. Their stiff dancing, deadpan facial expressions and unflinching eye contact are unexpectedly hilarious, and the songs are unexpectedly catchy.

In between, they perform quirky clowning scenes, visualising their future fame. They exude unquestionable confidence, as though sticking their head into a Pulp Fiction-style glowing box of wonders is a perfectly normal way to communicate with potential employers.

Ashley does the talking, most of which is in clichés and inspirational quotes such as "never give up", "positivity is a superpower", and "shoot for the moon". Hamlet, on the other hand, communicates largely through mime and sophisticated, disdainful expressions, all performed with a diva-like flare. The Slinks is a fun time without a doubt, but it is a fun time which is contingent on having a willing audience. With the right mind-set, potentially loosed by a drink or two, this is a bizarre treat.

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 26 Aug 10.55pm, £9-£11

The Slinks

  • 4 stars

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