I'm Just Kidneying (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

I'm Just Kidneying

A most unlikely and thought-provoking comedy

It is clear that Amanda loves attention. But unlike most people, she deserves it. Incredibly charismatic and self-depreciating, Amanda explains the process of donating her kidney to her younger sister. She acts out scenes from the past, and directly addresses the audience in the present.

There's a lot of talk of needles and bodily functions, so this isn't for the squeamish. But Amanda talks about it all with great playfulness and humor. The most poignant and serious moment is when she explains why her sister is the real hero. There's a bit of a contradiction in the theme of the play: writing yourself into a story where you tell people why you don't deserve attention. Despite Amanda addressing the irony head-on, something rankles a little when she repeats many times that she is not a hero.

But that doesn't mean this show isn't to be admired. It tackles a sensitive and difficult subject in a way that makes it approachable. It encourages discussion about why more people aren't donating, and hopefully it inspires more people to sign up as organ donors. A play with a heart (and one kidney).

Sweet Novotel, until 25 Aug, 2pm, £7.

I’m Just Kidneying

  • 4 stars

Amanda Nicastro Amanda donated her kidney for her sister. But she wasn’t a match. Yet, she saved two lives. What?! Sounds like an incredibly heroic sacrifice, but Amanda loves attention, so it worked out for everyone. From carrying her urine on the NYC subway to enduring needle-happy nurses to passing resounding farts…