Pros from Dover (4 stars)

This article is from 2008

Pros from Dover

A riot of innovative sketching

It's not enough these days for sketch show gangs to trot merrily on stage before simply delivering sketches followed by skits and topped off with some shards of broken comedy. Somehow the form needs to be shaken up, given a twist, dealt a postmodern clip round the ear and sent off packing with the fourth wall coming a-tumblin' down. All of which can be a shoddy mess in the wrong hands. Pros From Dover are the right hands.

The trio immediately set out their stall, insisting there won't be blackouts between scenes while dealing with a stream-of-consciousness heckler leaving her sitting like a scolded child. Thereafter comes a series of sketches which are at worst inventive, at best wildly hysterical, particularly the brutal medical tale which at first appears shocking but by extending the essential gag simply becomes a riotous endurance of glorious tastelessness. The set is concluded with an innovative time-space continuum ruse which plays around with the hour we've seen and proves these guys truly are pros.

Underbelly, 0844 545 8252, until 24 Aug (not 12), 4.25pm, £8.50–£10 (£7.50–£9).

Pros from Dover

  • 4 stars

Innovative, professional sketching from this trio of performers to cheer up your afternoon. 'Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'.