The Really Terrible Orchestra (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

The Really Terrible Orchestra

Edinburgh-based orchestra return to the Fringe for their annual extravaganza

Practising gestalt theory – if reputedly not their instruments – The Really Terrible Orchestra is an Edinburgh treasure that brings together all the elements of music-making to end up greater than the sum of its parts.

Their long-awaited annual Fringe extravaganza, which drew over 500 fans this year, launched into the glorious technicolour of The Big Country, adding extra hues and shading never seen or heard before on the big screen. Knighted especially for the occasion, conductor Sir Richard Neville-Towle brought an appropriate stateliness to Coates' 'Knightsbridge March' and surprise theatrical dimension for 'Ride of The Valkyries'.

Ticket-price inclusive pre-concert wine helps ease any audience performance nerves and, indeed, such excellent participation in 'Consider Yourself' may inspire the formation of an associated chorus, albeit with alternative branding policy. How terrible are the RTO is the oft-asked question. Not as terrible as they make out, initial tuning up to the same note being a bit of a giveaway. Most of all it's great fun with serious intent for enthusiastic music-lovers who are up for dusting down childhood instruments or learning a new one. As guest speaker, Sally Magnusson made a powerful case for the benefits of music for those living with dementia.

St Cuthbert's Church, run ended. Reviewed on Sat 17 Aug.

The Really Terrible Orchestra

  • 4 stars

The RTO will once again endeavour to transcend all the expected orchestral clichés. You should recognise all the music and enjoy the few that you don't. Each piece of music will be introduced to avoid any confusion. Your participation will be greatly appreciated and so please do some vocal exercises before you arrive. We…