Dominic Frisby: Libertarian Love Songs (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Dominic Frisby: Libertarian Love Songs

Songs of freedom from a Brexiteer who loves a good rap

Prior to the Fringe it was announced that Dominic Frisby would be standing for the Brexit Party at the next General Election (which could be next week or next year) in a Tory-held south-east London seat that voted overwhelmingly Leave. While this isn't mentioned here (though he does deliver an icky love number to Farage), he straps his heart on his sleeve in a tune-heavy show about his belief in joyful libertarianism against the nasty cult of authoritarianism. Again, you suspect his pal Nige might like to be a bit of an authoritarian himself on certain things such as stopping comedians poking fun at him when he denounced the liberal-left for having humour bypasses when it comes to rape jokes and the like.

Frisby himself is a likeable wag (in another ten years he'll probably qualify for the term 'eccentric') who raps about blandness, does a calypso on big government, another rap on hate speech, and lambasts crony capitalism without fully spelling out what it is or what the alternative might look like.

As a libertarian, he must be free with wide-ranging criticism so it's not just the left that get it in the neck: yes, Theresa May is thoroughly lambasted (edgy stuff). Still, kudos to the man for continuing to perform in a venue where the bar has a 'milkshake' can to fund the effort at throwing more of the stuff at Farage and his cronies.

Banshee Labyrinth, until 25 Aug, 5pm, donations at the venue.

Dominic Frisby: Libertarian Love Songs

  • 3 stars

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