Jay Lafferty: Jammy (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Jay Lafferty: Jammy

Getting connected to her audience in a show about luck

Jay Lafferty describes herself first and foremost as a compere, and immediately demonstrates why she was crowned Best Compere at the 2019 Scottish Comedy Awards. She kicks off the show with some introductory back and forth with the audience, working out where everyone is from. The salient details of a few individuals' lives seems like typical crowd-warming banter but is instead one of the building blocks of this show about luck, as Lafferty returns to audience members at key points to bring them into her narrative. She demonstrates the same care by explaining the definition of her title, showing how being jammy and having good fortune are related. Lafferty has even made the effort to solicit survey answers about people's belief in, and experiences with luck.

All these carefully constructed elements come together with this convivial look at the forces of luck as it pertains to pregnancy and childrearing; that leads into some wonderful material about the differences between being a child in the 1980s and now before taking a turn towards the heartfelt. Despite an unfortunate detour into some very mathematically-unsound probability calculations, Lafferty's warm demeanour vies with her Glaswegian cynicism to great effect and produces a strong connection with the audience.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 26 Aug (not 19), 6.30pm, £10–£11 (£9–£10).

Jay Lafferty: Jammy

  • 3 stars

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