David Callaghan: Dance Like No One's David Callaghan (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

David Callaghan: Dance Like No One's David Callaghan

Thomas Jackson

The silly meets the sad in a show where familiarity and innovation merge

David Callaghan is a contradiction. For all the material drawn from comic staples like stag dos (with their organised fun, obnoxious new relatives, remote locations, and potential for hooking up with ladies), there is an equal amount inspired by less obvious sources, such as supermarket baking and the best joke about a candle you've ever heard. Even the familiar gag fodder is given a welcome injection of inventiveness. This makes the pathos of his darker sections all the more poignant, as he tempers silliness with sadness.

Callaghan's demeanour is refreshing as well. Almost aggressively friendly, he injects so much goodwill into his stage presence that it is almost impossible not to root for him. He creates such a lovely atmosphere in the room, despite a small crowd, that the ripples of laughter constantly overlap, sometimes burbling along in appreciation between the punchlines.

A section devoted to shining light on some of the conventions of a comedy show is valuable in its own right and even more so as it ties into the hour's other elements to concoct a cohesive whole that delivers on the promises of his previous ambitious, concept-heavy Fringe affairs.

Just the Tonic at The Mash House, until 25 Aug, 11.55am, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

David Callaghan: Dance Like No One's David Callaghan

  • 4 stars

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