Sons & Co: Let's Get Tough (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Sons & Co: Let's Get Tough

Duo show promise with joyful and clever sketches

Bounding onstage to Billy Ocean's best-known song while showing off their best karate skills, Imogen Edmundson and Fi Simpson are ready to teach us how to get tough. What follows is a witty 45 minutes of Free Fringe fun, which doesn't quite maintain the dynamism of its opening stretch but is a joy regardless.

Vital for any aspiring sketch group, the Sons & Co two have strong chemistry, establishing their yin and yang early doors. Simpson is the limelight-hogging extrovert and Edmundson – confidence permanently shattered it seems – yearns to break out from the shadows, but is constantly reminded to stay in her lane. Let's Get Tough has a clever premise that easily sustains the running time; an initial focus on the physical act of self-defence gives way to a series of routines about assertiveness, zooming in on that most beloved of British pastimes, apologising.

Let's Get Tough is an enjoyable introduction to a duo with genuine promise who cover their bases well. There's some observational material about Sudoku and a bit of gentle fourth-wall deconstruction. More political bits are thrown in for good measure and land well, such as jokes about American gun ownership and the alarmingly accurate 'male' friend who has realised that wokeness is 'cool'. Sons & Co are worth seeking out.

Laughing Horse @ The Raging Bull, until 25 Aug, noon, donations at the venue.

Let’s Get Tough

  • 3 stars

Sons & Co. Have you ever felt you’re not tough enough? Well two problematic fools are here to teach you how to grab life by the knackers. Imogen Edmundson and Fi Simpson (aka Sons & Co.) are preparing for a national tour of their self-defence and assertiveness workshop. Watch as the duo take on life’s challenges…