Luke Rollason's Infinite Content (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Luke Rollason's Infinite Content

credit: Matt Highton

Surreal journey into the internet's many distractions

In the pantheon of comedy styles, absurdism is perhaps the most difficult to master. Mixing the nonsensical with non-sequiturs, eschewing narrative and absolutely prohibiting a reliance upon autobiographical observational anecdotes, surrealism is difficult to pull off. Make a mess of it and you just look like an idiot, probably in a funny outfit, jumping around and exposing a low IQ. And even if it's done well, it is very much not everyone's cup of tea. Those like Emo Philips, Tony Law and Lucy Pearman have found success with the genre, and now Luke Rollason joins them.

This type of comedy doesn't translate well to written description, and so a list of Rollason's skits (which play around with the idea of the vast array of entertainment and distractions that the internet has to offer) is rather pointless. Suffice it to say, those routines are many, varied and gut-bustingly funny, if this is your sort of thing. Rollason himself presides over his seemingly unbridled mayhem with an unwavering commitment to the joint roles of organ grinder and monkey, maintaining an alien-esque disconnection from his audience while also enticing them to play along. If you like this sort of thing, then you will love this particular thing.

Monkey Barrel, until 25 Aug, noon, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Luke Rollason's Infinite Content

  • 4 stars

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