Sean Patton: Contradickhead (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Sean Patton: Contradickhead

Diatribes and denunciations punctuate a thoughtful hour

Sean Patton seems pretty intense. With the unpredictable energy of Jack Black and a dynamic temperament that escalates to fever pitch when he really gets going, he applies his passionate style of delivery to controversial aspects of contemporary life, mostly based in his twin homes of Brooklyn and New Orleans. Snoring and bad friendship etiquette are the first topics to come under attack, with Patton crafting revenge fantasies that accelerate apace into diatribes which crescendo with an onslaught of fury, noise and a well-deserved avalanche of laughter.

He employs this strategy repeatedly, taking to task modern parenting techniques, Christian proselytising, and Jesus' sexuality, giving each the same treatment. The result is a series of individually honed set-pieces that together create a rollercoaster rhythm of peaks and valleys. However, in amongst all the fun, shouty bits it would be easy to miss the thoughtfulness that underpins Patton's outrage. A larger target emerges in how call-out culture can lead to a purity politics that is more about the performativity of offence than actual convictions or attempts to effect change. Along this path, Sean Patton's Contradickhead walks a fine line, balancing the provocative with the considered.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 25 Aug, 7.45pm, £11–£13 (£10–£12).

Sean Patton: Contradickhead

  • 3 stars

Live Nation presents On the outside, Sean Patton is loud, pudgy, white and stubborn. On the inside, he is also all of those things plus riddled with obsessive compulsive disorder. And so be it. After decades of trying to be anyone else, Sean Patton has finally decided to own who he is. Strong Language/Swearing Age…