Bec Hill: I'll Be Bec (3 stars)

Bec Hill: I'll Be Bec

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Tech both hi and lo deployed in this prop-based treat

The best bits about this show all come as fantastic sci-fi surprises, so there won't be any killjoy spoilers here. Bec Hill is an Australian comedian posing as a time traveller, giving advice to the audience and also her less confident past self on how to avoid climate disaster, do memorable stand-up, and not become part of the 1% evil elite.

There are several smart plot twists and incredibly inventive use of props (both lo-tech and hi-tech) and she gives a heartfelt thank-you to her crowd at the end, saying she's been working on the show for a very long time. The ambition and creativity are strong with this one, and there are plenty self-referential bits about her becoming successful in the comedy world, as well as more global observations about her fears for an AI-run, drone-ridden, Amazon-bought, toxic capitalist future.

Not all the jokes make it into orbit and some of the wordplay gets a bit out of hand. But her Doctor Who / Dark Knight / Mad Max references and range of DIY gadgets and weapons should keep sci-fi nerds entertained, even if they can't save the world from its inevitable destruction.

Pleasance Dome, until 25 Aug, 5.40pm, £8–£10 (£7–£9).

Bec Hill: I'll Be Bec

  • 3 stars

Bec Hill with PBJ Management Bec Hill went to the future so that you don't have to! What are we wearing? Are robots in control? Are we on fire? All these questions and more answered in this brand-new hour of comedy!* Directed by Gavin J Innes and with help from: Seb Lee-Delisle, (The Mysterious) Breakmaster Cylinder…

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