Richard Brown: Horror Show (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Richard Brown: Horror Show

A vibrant act who seeks authenticity and fairness

Billed as a work-in-progress, Richard Brown is trying to find his way around some ideas. A set within a set, he opens the show by relating the routine he had recorded some months previously for a TV programme. Inevitably these 13 minutes was edited to fit, but to his irritation he was told it was largely due to a conflict of opinion about the TV show Friends between Brown and another act on the programme. Why not have contradictions, he asks? People have different opinions after all. Brown is on a mission to find some kind of authenticity in stand-up.

The second section moves on to explore the 'horror show' of life, taking issue with white, middle-class male comedians (he fully acknowledges he fits two of those categories) who raise their voices to shout above those who they claim to speak for. Sharing a poignant tale, he also wants to see an increasingly honest dialogue for mental health issues. With his constantly probing mind, Brown keeps things bang up to date by throwing in topical references to the most recent Question Time. Once it emerges from its work-in-progress stage, Horror Show could shape up to be something rather special.

Scottish Comedy Festival @ Nightcap, until 24 Aug, 3.30pm, £5 (£4) in advance or donations at the venue.

Richard Brown: Horror Show (Work in Progress)

  • 3 stars

Richard Brown Horror in all its forms from the brilliant, brutal mind of one of Scotland’s most talented comics. Brown highlights the connections between terror and laughter as he confronts his reactions to an ever-changing, more horrifying world. 'A ruthless and angst-fuelled set with clever, impactful writing…