Tiff Stevenson: Mother (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Tiff Stevenson: Mother

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Amusingly righteous tirade from a political firebrand

'I need you to know,' says Tiff Stevenson, 'I love men. I care about men.' You can see why she needs to make this caveat. Mother is a frequently furious show that rallies against the way that the control of women has come to be an accepted form of political currency. The title of the show relates to Stevenson's own experience as a stepmother to a nine-year-old boy, but also to the life that was expected of her as a teenager, when her dreams of becoming an actor or comedian or journalist were shut down for being unrealistic.

The contrast with the present day makes a mockery of that career advice, as Stevenson is a top-notch stand-up and a formidable political firebrand. She takes down Twitter trolls and pro-life groups who tried to organise a boycott of her show and, while some of her material is niche (there's a great joke that relies on knowledge of both 1970s tennis and abortion legislation), the vast majority hits the spot. Controlling men bear the brunt of her ire, but Mother is also a damning indictment of Britain's obsession with class. She explains her ambivalence towards the royal family ('I don't respect inherited wealth') and calls out the racist hypocrisy of large sections of our commentariat. Very funny and righteous to boot.

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Tiff Stevenson: Mother

  • 4 stars

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