It Takes Three to Tango (2 stars)

This article is from 2019

It Takes Three to Tango

credit: Emily Brailsford

Some promise shown in an otherwise flimsy sketch narrative hour

It might take three to tango but it requires a few more writers to knock this into shape. Lottie, Amaya and Will absolutely have energy to burn, but these Cambridge Footlighters have set themselves a near-impossible task of writing a show about a three-way relationship that needs to fix itself before they go into auditions for a new TV show, Tango, on BBIT Channel Dave 4.

'The Big Fight' is constantly alluded to throughout, a night some years prior when these firm friends had an almighty falling out which has led to them not speaking since. And suddenly, here they are thrown together in the awkward position where they need to work together to succeed.

Through a barrage of mini-sketches and montages, their 'story' attempts to develop, but it's really just a flimsy vehicle for the trio to show off their various talents. There's a compilation of the kind of show you'd normally find on this channel including a game show, legal drama, cookery programme and a soap. This section could easily be cut from the hour and it wouldn't be missed while other ideas such as the biblical event being arranged on Facebook and the obvious dangers of adopting a bear (even if it's a cute one like Paddington) show more promise.

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 25 Aug, 2pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).

It Takes Three to Tango

  • 2 stars

Eggbox Comedy Frenemies Amaya, Lottie and Will tried everything to get noticed, except the unimaginable: working together. Forced to accept that three heads are better than one, these Cambridge Footlights (and self-proclaimed third wheels) must unite in a tangy hour of sketch and character comedy. Watch as this…