One Giant Leap (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

One Giant Leap

Space race musical is playfully humorous

Written by Tom Fallis and Adam Walton Kavanagh, One Giant Leap is a playful, musical retelling of the race for space. The story centres around a clandestine meeting between a man who has the truth about the moon landing, and an American news anchor looking for the scoop. Through a series of flashbacks and songs the plot unravels.

Chevron Theatre have done a solid job with this show; the script provides laughs, with a nod to John F. Kennedy conspiracy theories and some self-referential fourth wall breaking, executed a little clumsily, but within it a great meta-gag about adherence to historical consistency and chronological truth nonetheless. There are several impressive vocal turns from the cast, and a couple of ropey accents, but nothing unforgivable.

One Giant Leap's second half picks up the pace, cramming perhaps too much in. The writers focus more on Lydia Duval's overlooked secretary, Mavis. Empowering the character, talented in a man's world, could have filled a show by itself. The message about history sometimes being just as, if not more interesting, than conspiracy theories provides a satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable show, which runs for the full hour.

theSpace on the Mile, until Aug 24 (not 18), 7.40pm, £10 (£8).

One Giant Leap

  • 3 stars

Chevron Theatre In an unassuming French restaurant, an American news anchor meets with a man who reveals to her that the 1969 moon landing was faked and this time there’s proof. Flashback to 1968 where a panicked NASA is desperately trying to catch the Soviet Union in the Space Race. All seems lost until the NASA…