Elliot Steel: Merked (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Elliot Steel: Merked

A smart hour about maleness, millennials and Muay Thai

Elliot Steel has lots of self-aware, smart stuff to say about toxic masculinity, class and race (way sharper than plenty acts charging a tenner more), even though he's only been doing comedy for a few years. Giving the perspective of a white, 22-year-old London boy from a council estate, he's trying to get his head around dating girls, or why EDL guys in Umbro tracksuits keep marching through Croydon.

Anxious about being drafted for World War III and open to changing his mind and learning from his mistakes, he drinks Red Bull onstage after giving up booze, and gets the jokes in about his voice before anyone else can: 'I sound like a 14-year-old black girl about to throw a brick at a mosque', he shrugs, explaining the south London blend of his parents' Kent and Essex accents. Taking details from his life (playing Call of Duty late at night, learning question mark kicks in his Muay Thai class, drinking liquid weed on a comedy trip to New York), he calls out bad behaviour, including a lot of his own. No, eyeliner does not make you a feminist, he points out, and, yes, the last time his dad (Mark) hugged him was when Thatcher died. His millennial pearls of wisdom definitely deserve bigger crowds.

Bannermans, until 25 Aug (not 19), 12.15pm, donations at the venue.

Elliot Steel: Merked

  • 4 stars

Off the Kerb Productions / PBH's Free Fringe Elliot has done a sober stint, completed a Roast Battle with his dad and got merked in a Muay Thai fight. This is as good as toxic masculinity gets. As seen on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, Live From The Comedy Store and BBC's The Premier League Show. 'Brilliantly detailed…