Scottee: Class (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Scottee: Class

Class divide is class war in Scottee's furious new show

Scottee, resplendent in trackie and gold earrings, is berating an audience member, querying if she grew up with an Aga, had parents who grew organic fruit or owned period sofas. She affirms all of these bourgeois accoutrements. Later, he reaches out to a 'poor kid' in the front row, and hands him twenty quid.

This is an unabashed lecture show with autobiographical dirt under its fingernails. Lulling the crowd into a false sense of security with some working-class shout-outs, Scottee insists that his audience are made aware of growing up with the certainty of uncertainty that comes from poverty, but also the camaraderie.

It's furious and chilling, a litany of violence and alcoholism, but also 'playing out' and finding creativity through unexpected sources. It may be a little unwieldy and ends on a bleak note, but questions about collective responsibility and who theatre is really for, are not always addressed in performance. Scottee goes there, because few other people do.

Assembly Roxy, until 25 Aug (not 19 & 20) 4.05 pm, £14 (£13).

Scottee: Class

  • 4 stars

Scottee & Friends Ltd Scottee grew up around mould, mice and clothes off the market. After a chance meeting with some posh kids, his mum teaching him to talk proper and him successfully persuading her to take him off free school meals Scottee knew he didn't want to be common. Class is a show about what it is to be…