Since U Been Gone (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Since U Been Gone

credit: Bronwen Sharp

An autobiographical exploration of sexuality, gender and dealing with a friend's death

Teddy Lamb's Since U Been Gone is a 'remembering play', an autobiographical look at the history of a best-friendship, and how one friend lives on after the other passes away.

Addressing the audience as their lost friend, Lamb wonders out loud what they would think if they knew them now. This becomes a springboard to explore how far Teddy has come; from a young queer kid figuring out their identity to living as their true self, free from society's imposed restrictions of gender and sexuality.

Set to the music of magnetic guitarist Nicol Parkinson, noughties references raise the nostalgia factor and nods to America's Next Top Model and wasting time drinking ciders create a wistful look at Teddy's younger self, much like reading an adolescent diary and only half-recognising the person who wrote it.

A defining moment of the piece is Teddy's beautiful description of the relationship with a trans girlfriend, while another is the complex treatment of dealing with a friend suffering from mental illness, whereTeddy is brutally honest and signifies that such situations are not black and white.

Often the piece becomes dizzying, the recollection of past events seem to clump together and the many different stories are not given enough attention. Regardless, Lamb's joie de vivre spirit shows an optimistic outlook that deduces there can always be light among the darkness.

Assembly Roxy, 14,16,18, 20, 22, 24 Aug, 3.45pm, £10.

Since U Been Gone

  • 3 stars

An exciting double bill between HighTide and The Queer House sees Since U Been Gone by Teddy Lamb and Mika Johnson’s Pink Lemonade alternate performances every day. Lamb’s moving autobiographical account of growing up queer in the East Midlands, finding yourself, and losing a friend is brought to life in Since U Been Gone…