A Rock 'n' Roll Suicide! (2 stars)

This article is from 2019

A Rock 'n' Roll Suicide!

Punk also-ran reflects on success

Lee Mark Jones is an aged punk who found moderate fleeting success in various bands throughout the decades. Now he is recounting his life as an also-ran to a handful of bemused audience members in this fairly ramshackle show.

Jones makes for a charmingly eccentric presence in his ill-fitting Ziggy Stardust get up. He uses this charm to just about scrape by with what is a clumsily handled narrative, jumping randomly from moments in his life without much depth or impact. He tells us how he blamed himself for the death of his younger sister, yet never really illuminates more. Similarly, his start in music and the people he played with are vague sketches. Jones is far more interested in racing through a series of celebrity encounters and some desperate soul searching.

The stage is littered with a life-size cut out of Bowie in his Stardust days, yet anyone hoping for a show based around Bowie should be warned that his inclusion as the centrepiece for this is only vaguely explained.
Jones is aware of the show's self-indulgence yet indulges himself at every turn, though his charisma just about wins it over. He does hit upon at least one interesting question around 'success' in rock'n'roll, but anyone expecting any great insight (especially into Ziggy Stardust) should probably stay away.

ZOO Southside, until 26 Aug, 9pm, £10 (£8).

A Rock'n'Roll Suicide!

  • 2 stars

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