Not Quite (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Not Quite

A two-girl sketch show about job applications

Are you short of gainful employment? Do you yearn to find yourself in a high-powered office environment? In short, do you need a job? Thick and Fast have the answer for you; Cassie Symes and Georgina Thomas are a two girl team who have put together a rapid-fire sketch show on the subject of finding work and anyone who has created an upbeat PowerPoint presentation, stalked a potential employer on LinkedIn, or contemplated an unpaid intern role as a voluntary basket weaver in the Hebrides will know where they're coming from.

Not Quite's title comes from a state of being 'not quite' what the employer is looking for, and Symes and Thomas have fun with a situation that elicits nervousness from anyone who has contemplated prostrating themselves in front of a stern panel. As a show, Not Quite benefits from being contemporary and fresh; the girls get it in terms of desperate candidates, obscure questions and surreal humour (it's got some of the flavour of the classic Key and Peele Comedy Central sketch about slaves on the podium, discussing their positives).

What needs work is the quality control; although the show is short, a few of the rapid-fire blackout sketches don't land at all, and even the best ones – like a finale involving a basin full of water, an apple, an orange and a watermelon – really need a punchline. That Symes and Thomas elicit big laughs just for the way they match the audience's gaze as they carry the basin centre-stage indicates real promise; with a bit of ruthlessness, Not Quite should rise to the occasion.

Gilded Balloon Patter House, until 26 Aug (not 13), 1.30pm, £8–£9 (£7–£8).

Not Quite

  • 3 stars

Thick 'n' Fast A fast-paced comedy exploring the interview process and the struggle to prove one's worth. Eager to impress, naive young hopefuls Cassie and Georgie are intent on making a good first impression. Not Quite follows the trials and tribulations of two young women, their ill-conceived handling of the dreaded…