Jamie Oliphant: The Oliphant in the Room (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Jamie Oliphant: The Oliphant in the Room

A downbeat show about making good life choices

Another in an increasingly lengthy list of stand-ups making their way to comedy via the teaching profession, Jamie Oliphant is a likeable if largely uninspiring sort on stage. He kicks off rather awkwardly with some non-developed front-row chatter and he opts to throw out acronyms as though we're in a Line of Duty episode set in a classroom. But once the early nerves have settled down, Oliphant does find his feet on some steadier ground (though he fails to acknowledge that there might be some differences in teaching on the two sides of the border particularly on the issue he raises of sex education).

The themes of the show appear to be about making good life choices and trying to accept responsibility for your own deeds, with much of the narrative involving a troubled kid he took under his wing. When we get close to the end, Oliphant delivers his centrepiece, a story about being knocked off his bicycle by a motorist, a tale which aims to tie his various threads together. While we're all rooting for him in this episode, it's ultimately a downbeat finale which barely lives very long in the memory.

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Jamie Oliphant: The Oliphant in the Room

  • 3 stars

A gloriously funny insight into the contemporary education system, The Oliphant in the Room is Jamie’s new show about his first two years teaching at schools in North West London. Jamie, a meek, clarinet playing über-nerd, will explain how he dealt with violent conflicts in some of the most challenging schools in London…