The Kaye Hole (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

The Kaye Hole

High energy and self-deprecating escapism from the cabaret superstar

Just as entering into a K Hole temporarily blurs the perception of reality, so too does Reuben Kaye's aptly named late-night cabaret. If you're feeling world-weary or hung up on the constant injustices proliferating around our 24/7 news cycle, The Kaye Hole offers some respite – it's escapism in its naughtiest of forms.

Binding the line-up together like a rich buttercream, Kaye has enlisted the help of some of the most dangerous, queer and diverse acts from across the festival for fast-paced slots, backed up by his house band, the Preferred Pronouns.

The weekend show features fire-eater Kitty Bang Bang, sword-swallower Heather Holliday, and aerialist-contortionist Beau Sargent permanently on the programme, as well as a revolving list of special guests. At this performance, the acts include absurd comedy-clowns the Long Pigs; drunken hula-hooping antics from Malia Walsh (Children Are Stinky); Frisky and Mannish's batty musical comedy and a classic stand-up set from Aboriginal Comedy Allstars' Andy Saunders.

Although there is a smidge of overlap between the permanent performers used in this show and Underbelly's Little Death Club, Kaye manages to make The Kaye Hole entirely his own. His dark self-deprecating humour and high-energy keeps the audience on their toes and brings the variety format back to its original definition: 'the absence of uniformity or monotony'.

Assembly Checkpoint, 16-18, 23-25 Aug, 11.15pm, £16 (£15).

The Kaye Hole

  • 4 stars

PietaGoGetter Late night, done right. Queer, messy, fast, loose and f*cking hilarious. The hottest late-night ticket in town where the riskiest and most diverse acts of the Fringe let loose dripping in sweat and backed by a live band… Hosted by cabaret icon 'the evil love child of Liza Minnelli and Jim Carrey…