Blind Date (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Blind Date

Rebecca Northan make a new connection every night in this charming improvised play

Before the show, as the audience files in from the stormy evening outside, they are met by the warmth of Mimi the clown and her cast of French waiters, serving up folded bits of paper on a silver platter which read little compliments like 'You are irresistible!'. The premise of Blind Date starts off fairly simple. Mimi, played by Rebecca Northan, is sat in a Parisian cafe, having been stood up by her date. But when she recruits a member of the audience as a last minute replacement, things take an unexpected and hilarious turn.

Tonight's willing victim is Greg, a softly-spoken research scientist whose very patient fiancé is sat in the front row. There are moments where his nervousness threatens to slow the pace but Northan intervenes with questions and anecdotes, steering the story so it never falters.

Her intention is never to humiliate or provide any sort of discomfort for the chosen date or those in the audience, rather she guides the spontaneous narrative with finesse, removing any potential tension with her deft improv skills and natural charm.

An intimate and light-hearted merging of theatre and comedy, Blind Date explores how we allow ourselves to be vulnerable when making new connections and building relationships. Consent is a huge part of the show, with Mimi regularly checking in with both Greg and his fiancé, taking great care to ensure the experience is genuinely enjoyable for everyone involved.

CanadaHub @ King's Hall, until 25 Aug (not 12, 19), 9pm, £11 (£9).

Blind Date

  • 4 stars

Rebecca Northan, Spontaneous Theatre, CanadaHub 'Balls to the wall theatre!' ★★★★ ( One actor. One audience member. One blind date. A sexy French clown goes on a blind date with a willing gentleman from the audience. Warning: improv, naughty clowning, strong language, spiritual nudity, hilarity! Sold out…