Six Feet, Three Shoes (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Six Feet, Three Shoes

credit: Amy Sinead Photography

Flamenco and traditional Scottish dance is a charmed bonding agent for three female performers

As Slanjayvah Dance's artistic director and choreographer Jen Wren tells us, whenever she dances with fellow performers Charlotte Matthiessen and Leticia Cabezudo Sánchez (who were also her collaborators on this show) then 'everything seems to make sense.'

This charmingly sincere admission is the key to a simple, modest production that underscores how well friendship and cultural exchange intertwine. For these women, the pleasure derived from dancing together – whether that means flamenco or traditional Scottish steps – is a bonding agent.

They dance well too, in a lively hybrid of styles that looks and feels natural rather than awkward or diluted. Their camaraderie, like the relaxed and informal nature of the performance as a whole, is warming. Wren in particular wears her heart on her sleeve; her emotive singing in memory of a deceased grandmother brought a tear to the eye of at least one spectator, as I observed. It also helps that at only 40 or so minutes this likeable show doesn't wear out its welcome.

Live music (guitar and fiddle) from Caterina McEvoy and Amy Geddes is another boon. It all builds nicely to an exhilarated climax before ending with a joyous leap in the air.

Dance Base, until 18 Aug (not 12), 4pm, £13 (£11).

Six Feet, Three Shoes

  • 3 stars

Slanjayvah Danza A celebration of friendship across borders told through feisty, percussive flamenco, Scottish and contemporary dance. Featuring an all-female cast of dancers and musicians and exhilarating live guitar and fiddle. Dance, storytelling and foot-stomping rhythms in traditional and contemporary forms bring to…