The List Festival Party 2019: Annual shindig lights up the night

  • The List
  • 12 August 2019

This article is from 2019

The List's Festival Party

credit: James Gourlay

Our legendary pre-festival bash saw an evening of hand-picked comedy, music and dance fill the historic corridors of Summerhall

The first week of the Edinburgh Festival means one thing for us; the return of the mother of all festival bashes, The List Festival Party.

The crowds descended on Summerhall on 1 Aug to celebrate in style and to all those who helped us make it a success, we cannot thank you enough.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors Johnnie Walker and Innis & Gunn for making the night so incredible. Thanks also to our supporters Red Bull for tropical drinks, DJs and fun, Popchips, Ruffians and Bleach Please for giving out festival makeovers; We Throw Switches for providing old-school arcade fun; Locked In Edinburgh for caging our attendees (of their own free will); and to Silent Adventures who led tours around the party.

Thanks also to Emily Cuthbert, Hilary Macrae, Karen Hemmati, Jessica Johnstone McBride, Gilly Bain and the team at YOURgb. And of course, our programmer extraordinaire Amy Russell, (who celebrated her tenth party in 2019) who once again, put a killer lineup of acts together. Thanks to our wonderful comperes Sian Bevan, Liam Withnail and Ginger Johnson for keeping everyone entertained; to the marvelous DJ Sarra Wild, who kept us spinning across the dance floor; as well as to all of our talented performers, without whom the festivities wouldn't have been half as fun.

More thanks go to our photographer James Gourlay and videographer Sandy Butler; stage managers Jessica Ward, Michael Heasman and Laura Hawkins; and of course the Summerhall team, especially Rowan Campbell, Amber Cordiner, Morgan Tooth and Brian Hutchison. And not forgetting our hard-working volunteers on the night: Louise Thompson, Erin Barbour, Lauren McLean, Emma Johnson, Anna Guix Mestre, Weronika Gohling, Hope Lawson, Paloma Fernandez Pulido, Ana Blinstrubaite, Cameron Hughes, Anne Sippel, Zoe Crawford, Arvy Avo and Lisa Mouette.

Lastly, we'd like to thank our party organisers Sheri Friers, Rachel Cree, Amy Clark and Shaun Scott, all of whom worked tirelessly for months to pull this event together.

See you in 2020 for another great night at #ListFestivalParty!