Anna Drezen: Okay Get Home Safe!! (2 stars)

This article is from 2019

Anna Drezen: Okay Get Home Safe!!

A largely gag-free analysis of our true-crime obsession

American stand-up and Saturday Night Live writer Anna Drezen opens her show offstage, with footage being screened of serial killer Ted Bundy's trial. The man who slaughtered and defiled countless victims in the 1970s became a rather odd poster boy for vulnerable and disturbed women. The clips focus on those who attended his trial, nervously giggling through their admissions that a mixture of fear and fascination with Bundy and his brutal crimes were their motivation to attend.

It might be a curious (and overly long) curtain-raiser to an hour of stand-up, but it does set up an intriguing question that's certainly worth exploring. But disappointingly, Drezen's major conclusion is nothing more weighty than 'it's fun to be scared'. This rather flaccid proposal would be more forgivable were it surrounded by gags aplenty, but they're in seriously short supply over the course of 60 minutes.

Women's safety on both the streets and in their homes is a serious topic in the #MeToo era but Drezen's attempts to highlight it are largely undermined by her compulsion for devouring true crime podcasts and TV documentaries while criticising the media for monetising women's suffering. Drezen does have a couple of good jokes in her armoury but this show leaves a rather unpleasant after-taste.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 25 Aug (not 14), 4.30pm, £9–£11 (£8–£10).

Anna Drezen: Okay Get Home Safe!!

  • 2 stars

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