Caroline Achaintre, Adam Benmakhlouf and Lucy Wayman (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Caroline Achaintre, Adam Benmakhlouf and Lucy Wayman

credit: Lucy Wayman, Breathless Body 2017

Trio of artists exhibit across sculpture workshop site

Out in Newhaven, the grounds of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop offer some respite from the upheaval of the city's festival, and for this year's Edinburgh Art Festival, the gallery's exhibition programme appears to have been curated with that in mind. Three artists have been commissioned to place their work within and around the site, with the most traditionally gallery-specific one being that of London-based European artist Caroline Achaintre.

Achaintre's Encounter L. series is housed in the white cube alongside the courtyard and in the outside space, a series of mask-like wall hangings in ceramic and bronze which imitate strange alien faces in their crumpled but very individual forms. Outside, the same style is recreated on a grand scale with 'Echo Peel', a large, colourful hanging fabric made from woven raffia which bears its own 'expression'.

The other works reward a bit of hunting. Recent Glasgow School of Art graduate Adam Benmakhlouf's 'The Noise of Making Spills Over' is an audio piece located in the base of ESW's landmark tower, broadcasting the disembodied sound of the studio's schools and community engagement up into the air, an offering of warmth and community to the sky. Meanwhile, Edinburgh-based Lucy Wayman's 'Clovehitch' on the cycle path nearby is a waymarker amid the trees, a woven sheet of marine rope which hints at the area's history.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, until 25 Aug, free.

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