Mr. Men and Little Miss On Stage (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Mr. Men and Little Miss On Stage

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Kids' favourites in a sweet, gentle stage outing

The familiar, primary-coloured illustrations from the Mr. Men books are the backdrop for this morning show for kids. Walter the Worm narrates (with some snooty, funny asides) as he introduces some favourite characters. Messrs Happy, Tall and Small are joined by Little Misses Bossy and Splendid, plus newest addition, Little Miss Inventor, created last year by Adam Hargreaves (the original inspiration for Mr Tickle). Adam took over the writing and illustration when his father, Mr. Men creator Roger Hargreaves, died in 1988.

Four actors with puppets share the same cute messages as the books have done since 1971, with minimal modern updates. Sorry for the spoilers, but when Mr Happy is down, his friends take him to see Mr Funny, and when Mr Bump feels he's not good at anything, he comes in handy for shaking ripe apples off trees in the orchard. It's tempting to give Little Miss Princess a boo when she flounces onstage, but it's not that kind of show. Her ego-driven thespian turn is on-brand for the Fringe, and Little Miss Naughty risks ending up on The Step if she doesn't stop mucking about with the spotlights and stage lighting. Sweet, gentle storytelling, very well done.

Underbelly George Square, until 26 Aug (not 12), £11–£12 (£10–£11).

Mr Men and Little Miss On Stage

Live stage show featuring the iconic Mr. Men and Little Miss characters in Happyland.