Joe Sutherland: Sour (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Joe Sutherland: Sour

Gags aplenty in this poignant show

Joe Sutherland makes a vain attempt at making himself seem uncultured, opening Sour with disparaging remarks about theatre and modern dance. We almost believe him but as the show progresses, it emerges as an intelligent, well thought-out affair, even including a sufficient dollop of politics to assure us he knows exactly what's going on.

This year's show (his third hour but first on the Free Fringe) dips back to tell of his slow coming out as gay in his native Coventry and jumps forwards again to include The Spice Girls reunion tour. As sharp as his cheekbones and as splendidly turned-out as his attire, the gags fly thick and fast. With a sardonically raised brow, Sutherland delivers rich, rounded descriptions of Ann Widdecombe ('the ghost of a bag of pork') and compares Victoria Beckham's role in The Spice Girls to a triangle in an orchestra.

Meanwhile, there are diversions into delightfully odd territory, as he maintains an other-worldliness to material where he relates his boyhood love of bashing the ground with a stick. Yet there's still room too for poignant moments such as his school leavers' book and the beguiling Peter, the friend left behind when he headed to London. Surely this is a star in the making.

Banshee Labyrinth, until 25 Aug (not 12), 10.10pm, donations at the venue.

Joe Sutherland: Sour

  • 4 stars

United Agents / PBH's Free Fringe Top Ten Best Reviewed Shows, Edinburgh 2018 ( A friendship, a country, a beloved 90s pop group. Joe Sutherland returns to the Fringe looking back at things we once loved which have now gone sour. A regular face on Comedy Central’s online channels, Joe has appeared on BBC…