INTERBEING – Stories from a Current War (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

INTERBEING – Stories from a Current War

Physical theatre piece on war photography is sharply told but lacks depth

Lana Biba and Txema Perez make a versatile team. If you caught their last Fringe offering – grotesque elderly clown double-act Losing It – you won't recognise them in their more serious current incarnations. They are masterful physical performers and have amassed a team of similarly sharp storytellers this time, to enact a weightier piece based on the experiences of press photographers embedded in Ukrainian war zones.

The ensemble fires and zips through images of dissent, destruction and resilience, taking in student protests, bombs exploding in a school, checkpoints, militia training, the camaraderie of soldiers in camp.

Each scene snaps into the next with the speed and precision of a graphic novel. The research was drawn in part from the performers' own experiences, and the images they create feel authentic and compassionately painted.

But the same problems that beset Losing It – namely ones of dramaturgy – resurface here as well. The story feels slight and generic, the characters too broadly drawn to really empathise with. Biba and Perez share an outstanding eye for narrative dance; you only wish they would go that little bit further in interrogating their material.

Assembly Rooms, until 25 Aug (not 20), 3.30pm, £12–£14 (£11–£13).

INTERBEING – Stories from a Current War

  • 3 stars

2Theatre A visual rhapsody of stunning physicality and original music, using artefacts as props and documentary photography for script. Award-winning international company debuts a tour-de-force troupe of Ukrainian artists to tell a story about the root of human conflict. INTERBEING explores the themes present in the…


1. Txema Pérez9 Aug 2019, 6:16pm Report

Hey Lucy. Would you mind to correct the information about the company? We have nothing to do with Barcelona or Catalunya. Lovely place but I'm from Bilbao, Basque Country. In fact we came with Basque funding, the representatives are in the city, including the minister of culture and its not fair to leave it like that. Imagine that you go to represent Scotland and they write about your roots and origin from Wales. Perhaps the information would be correct if I had accepted the add you wanted me to buy in your magazine. Maybe because of that you never got the whole information about the show, or maybe like you are advicing us, you should pay more attention to your material. Regarding the 3 stars, it was a little surprise after getting all 5 stars reviews but I respect your opinion. It was a cognitive decision to focus in the chorus work and human being soul, but I'll have a look at the dramaturgy to go further with specific characters during this month. Thanks for your time and review Best wishes Txema

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