The Trial (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

The Trial

Engaging but muddled exploration of gender constructions in the 21st century

This inventive solo is loosely based around real life experiences and the novel Tieta do Agreste by Jorge Amado. Charismatic performer Inês Sampaio manages to keep the audience captive for the duration of the piece, with some inventive character work and use of musical instruments. However, the central question, and the titular 'trial', lack the clarity to truly resonate.

The story centres around the family of a transgender woman from the Brazilian town of Agreste, who was chased from their hometown in their youth, only to become wealthy. Examining how money impacts people's perceptions and prejudices, the script explores issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. A smattering of musical instruments and loop pedals add to the show's engaging quality.

Unfortunately, the story unfolds too unevenly, and despite an ability to dart between characters quickly, the amount of ground Sampaio attempts to cover means that the audience is constantly having to catch up instead of being immersed in the story. When it comes time to involve the audience and ask them to act as a jury, there is too much confusion about their task: a missed opportunity to explore some timely and complex questions.

Greenside @ Infirmary Street, until 17 Aug (not 11), £10 (£5).

The Trial

  • 3 stars

StoneCrabs Part stand-up, part gig, with a sparkling performance by Inês Sampaio, The Trial is an interactive new play that questions gender constructions in the 21st century. Can we reject authority, and live and love in a different way? This interactive hyper theatrical performance is loosely inspired on Tieta do…