Splintered (4 stars)

This article is from 2019


Hilarious and thoughtful cabaret exploring queer identity in the Caribbean

From emerging company Lagahoo Theatre Company comes Splintered, a weird and wonderful cabaret that combines comedy skits with real interviews and personal experiences to explore the challenges of being queer in the Caribbean. Directed by Emily Aboud, this fantastic blend of comedy and political comment is both a piece of protest and an invitation, to people of all sexualities, identities, classes and colour to join in the celebration of queerness that is the ultimate way to overcome adversity.

Charlotte, Sanaa and Natasha are three outstanding performers, engaging the audience in their struggle with empathy and flair. The repetition of some of the skits is comedy at its finest, while a queer version of Chicago's 'Cellblock Tango' is the highlight of the evening. The performance then seamlessly moves on to touching interviews with queer Caribbean women, and dramatisations of the difficult experience of coming out. These scenes damn the faults of Caribbean homophobia while maintaining a wholehearted celebration of the culture's strengths. The evening ends with a declaration from the performers of where to go from here, which isn't necessarily needed alongside the clarity and effectiveness of each act.

Splintered is the perfect combination of entertainment and political comment. It addresses intersectionality and proclaims solidarity and strength in an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere.

Bedlam Theatre, until 25 Aug (not 13,20), 9.30pm, £10 (£8).


  • 4 stars

Lagahoo Productions 'What you are about to witness, theydies and gentlethem, is a cabaret of truths. This is a show about Caribbean people being queer. In our experience, it is damned hard'. Splintered is a theatre-cabaret of rebellion and empowerment, celebrating being queer and being Caribbean. Based upon interviews…