Cherie – My Struggle (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Cherie – My Struggle

Unfocused look at the life of Cherie Blair

Billed as 'an intimate, gossipy memoir' about Cherie Blair, this one-woman show sadly cannot decide its focus – zeroing in on random moments and spending far too much time broadly recounting Westminster events. Mary Ryder takes on the role of Cherie, trying her best to bring some intrigue to a figure who might not be on the minds of the general public today.

Written by Lloyd Evans, the monologue has a traditional structure – starting with a modern-day Cherie recounting her childhood and parentage, how she met her husband, and her struggles with the press. Although this intends to give the audience a deeper understanding of her, the bracing sprint through her entire life does the opposite, with vague anecdotes about her father and her time with the royals. The piece does touch on something interesting with Carole, Cherie Blair's style advisor, and her treatment at the hands of Downing Street men. However, it is too blunt with its proclamations.

Overall, this piece plays it far too safe to really say anything new – a missed opportunity to offer a new insight into one of the key players at the heart of British politics over last two decades.

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Cherie – My Struggle

  • 3 stars

Lumbago TC An intimate, gossipy memoir recounting Cherie’s amazing journey from an obscure Liverpool convent to the epicentre of power in Downing Street. She witnessed all the chief controversies of Tony Blair’s premiership and she delivers her private reflections on well-known figures such as Alistair Campbell, the…